Core Memory Music is looking for soloists and small ensembles to perform in our chamber music series. We want to showcase your artistry and provide our audience with a rich, varied mix of music each season.

Our concerts take place on Saturday afternoons at a private residence in southern Rhode Island, a few miles from the Atlantic coast. The performance space seats up to 30 people and features a Steinway model D concert grand piano. Concerts are informal and we encourage performers to interact with the audience.

Our standard performance fees for the 2022-2023 season are $750 for soloists, $600 per artist for duos, $500 per artist for trios, and $400 per artist for quartets. In addition, visiting artists are welcome to stay in our two guest bedrooms for up to two nights. We also provide meals and ground transportation.

If this opportunity interests you, please introduce yourself. Tell us how you heard about our concert series and include links to some recent audio or video recordings. Our policy is to carefully review all proposals. It may take a while before we get back to you with our thoughts, so please be patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please let us know.

How long should I perform?

Please prepare a minimum of 60 minutes of music. Most of our concerts are divided into two segments with a short intermission. Encores are optional but much appreciated by our patrons.

When do I submit my concert program?

Three months ahead of your concert date, we’ll ask for your proposed program. If we think the program needs to be revised, we’ll explain why and suggest some possible changes. After we agree on the program, we’ll email you a draft of our standard performance agreement for you to review.

Where is the concert venue?

The venue is in southern Rhode Island, near the twin villages of Wakefield and Peace Dale. The street address is 103 North Road, Wakefield, RI 02879. Driving time from Providence, Newport, Westerly, and SE Connecticut is under an hour.

Map and Directions

Public transportation options:

When should I arrive at the venue?

Please plan to arrive at least two hours before your performance is scheduled to begin. If you’re traveling several hours to get here, we recommend that you plan to arrive the day before your concert. We’re happy to provide lodging while you’re here.

Will my concert be recorded?

If you would like us to make an audio recording of your concert, please let us know in advance. We have a simple two-mic system that works best for soloists but can be used for ensembles as well. The quality is suitable for private use. All recordings belong to the artist.

Are complimentary tickets available?

To keep things simple, rather than issue tickets we take reservations by email and ask our guests to make a financial contribution at the door. The suggested contribution is $40 per person. Contributions cover only a fraction of the cost of presenting our concerts and we have no other outside source of income, so we don’t provide comps.

Are concerts ever postponed or cancelled?

Postponements and cancellations are rare, although the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic has increased their frequency. If we don’t get enough reservations to make your concert viable, we may ask you to re-schedule it.

What’s the best way to refer others to information about my concert?

Many of the links on our website change periodically. The most reliable source of concert information is the Upcoming Concerts section on our home page (see below). The links in this section will always work.