Core Memory Music is looking for soloists and small ensembles to perform in our chamber music series. We want to showcase your artistry and provide our audience with a rich, varied mix of music each season.

Our concerts take place inside a modern home in southern Rhode Island, a few miles from the Atlantic coast. The performance space seats up to 30 people and features a Steinway concert grand in excellent condition. Concerts are informal and we encourage performers to interact with the audience. We provide meals, lodging, and ground transportation while you’re here, and we’ll help with your travel expenses.

Performance Space

If this opportunity interests you, please introduce yourself. If you don’t have a website, include your bio or CV and links to some of your recent recordings. If your proposal interests us and seems likely to appeal to our audience, we’ll reach out and ask you to schedule a phone meeting.

NOTE: Our 2024-2025 concert season is fully booked. We’re currently accepting proposals for solo and duo recitals in 2025-2026.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your customary performance fees?

Our performance fees generally range from $400 to $1000 per artist. We take into account factors such as recordings of recent performances, training, experience, and current financial situation. To comply with federal law, a payment of $600 or higher to an individual or group will be reported to the IRS.

What happens after I’m invited to perform?

Whenever you’re ready, send us your proposed program. If we think your program needs to be revised, we’ll explain why and suggest some possible changes.

After we agree on the program and the performance fee, we’ll send you a performance agreement to review and sign. The booking becomes firm after we both sign this agreement. Until we have a signed agreement, either party is free to cancel the engagement or request a date change with no financial obligation.

How long should I plan to perform?

Please prepare a minimum of 60 minutes of music. Most of our concerts are divided into two segments with a 15-minute intermission. Encores are optional but much appreciated by our audience.

Where is the concert venue?

The address of the venue is 103 North Road, Wakefield, Rhode Island 02879. Driving time from Providence, Newport, Westerly, and southeastern Connecticut is under an hour, and Amtrak’s Kingston Station is only five miles away.

Map and Directions

When should I plan to arrive?

Please plan to arrive at least three (3) hours before your performance is scheduled to begin. If you’re traveling several hours to get here, we recommend that you arrive the day before your concert. We’re happy to provide lodging at the venue for up to two nights.

Will my concert be recorded?

If you would like us to make an audio recording of your concert, please let us know in advance. We have a simple two-mic system that works best for soloists but can be used for ensembles as well. The quality is suitable for private use. All recordings belong to the artist.

Are complimentary tickets available?

Not at this time. Please encourage your family and friends to come to the concert and make a financial contribution along with our other guests. The suggested contribution is $40 per person but any amount is welcome.

Where can I find publicity about my concert?

The most reliable source of concert information is the concert schedule on our website.

Do you ever postpone or cancel concerts?

If we don’t get enough advance reservations, we may decide that your concert is not financially viable. If that happens, we’ll pay you 1/2 of your performance fee and ask you to re-schedule the concert. You’ll receive the remaining balance when your concert finally takes place.