Concert Venue

I’m Craig Maynard, the organizer and host of this unusual concert series.

I’m a devoted fan of chamber music, broadly defined here as art music composed for a soloist or small ensemble. I firmly believe that live performances are the best way to explore this wonderful musical genre.

Chamber music performances often take place in large concert halls with seating that’s some distance from the artists. I decided to try something different. In September 2017, I began hosting concerts in the living room of my southern Rhode Island home.

My concerts are designed for comfort and sociability, with ample opportunity to chat with other guests, enjoy a drink before the performance, and meet the artists afterwards.

Guests tell me how much they enjoy hearing fine music performed in such a warm, intimate setting. I hope you’ll join us at an upcoming concert.

Our mission

Core Memory Music is dedicated to enriching the lives of people of all ages in our community through inspiring musical experiences and other educational activities.

In all of our work, we strive to uphold the core values of building and sustaining trust; commitment to quality; access for all; curiosity and exploration; openness and openmindedness; and fiscal responsibility.

Contributions by our guests cover less than half of the cost of presenting these concerts. To help us make up the difference, we invite organizations and individuals to underwrite a concert or make a program-related investment.

Feedback welcome!

I really enjoy hearing from people who share my interests. Please email me if you have a comment about anything on this website.