Date Time Concert
March 25 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Julia Yang
Julia Yang, cello ∙ Jung-A Bang, piano
April 1 3:00 pm The Nightingale's Sonata
Thomas Wolf, narrator ∙ Keila Wakao, violin ∙ Dina Vainshtein, piano
April 8 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Trio Gaia
Grant Houston, violin ∙ Yi-Mei Templeman, cello ∙ Andrew Barnwell, piano
April 22 3:00 pm Spencer Myer in Concert
Spencer Myer, piano
May 6 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Kuok-Wai Lio
Kuok-Wai Lio, piano
May 20 3:00 pm Avery Gagliano and the Balourdet Quartet
Avery Gagliano, piano ∙ Angela Bae, violin ∙ Justin DeFilippis, violin ∙ Benjamin Zannoni, viola ∙ Russell Houston, cello
May 27 3:00 pm An Afternoon with the Orth-Azzi Duo
Kyle Orth, piano ∙ Nadia Azzi, piano
June 10 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Albert Cano Smit
Albert Cano Smit, piano
June 17 3:00 pm Sophie Wang in Concert
Sophie Wang, violin ∙ TBA, piano


Date Time Concert
August 19 3:00 pm Tim Feil and Friends
Tim Feil, oboe ∙ Yen-Chen Wu, bassoon ∙ TBA, piano
August 26 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Aimee Toner
Aimee Toner, flute ∙ TBA, piano
September 2 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Yasmina Spiegelberg
Yasmina Spiegelberg, clarinet ∙ Sophiko Simsive, piano
September 9 3:00 pm Zach Cheong in Concert
Zach Hoi Leong Cheong, piano
September 23 3:00 pm Coming Full Circle with the Callisto Quartet
Gregory Lewis & Cameron Daly, violin ∙ Eva Kennedy, viola ∙ Hannah Moses, cello
October 14 3:00 pm Angela Sin Ying Chan in Concert
Angela Sin Ying Chan, violin ∙ TBA, piano
October 28 3:00 pm An afternoon with Samuel DeCaprio
Samuel DeCaprio, cello ∙ TBA, piano
November 11 2:00 pm Yukiko Sekino in Concert
Yukiko Sekino, piano
November 18 2:00 pm An Afternoon with Amanda Ekery
Amanda Ekery, vocalist ∙ Andrew Boudreau, piano
December 2 2:00 pm A Winter Afternoon with Emma Meinrenken
Emma Meinrenken, violin ∙ TBA, piano
December 16 2:00 pm A Holiday Celebration with the Terra Quartet
Harriet Langley & Amelia Dietrich, violin ∙ Ramón Carrero Martínez, viola ∙ Audrey Chen, cello
January 6 2:00 pm Winter Journey
Evan Gray, bass-baritone ∙ Kuok-Wai Lio, piano
January 13 2:00 pm The Merz Trio in Concert
Brigid Coleridge, violin ∙ Julia Yang, cello ∙ Lee Dionne, piano
February 3 2:00 pm An Afternoon with Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson, piano
February 17 2:00 pm The Lysander Trio in Concert
Itamar Zorman, violin ∙ Michael Katz, cello ∙ Liza Stepanova, piano
March 2 2:00 pm An Afternoon with the Abeo Quartet
Njioma Grevious & Rebecca Benjamin, violin ∙ James Kang, viola ∙ Brian Gadbow, cello
March 16 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Wenting Shi
Wenting Shi, piano
March 30 3:00 pm Steinway Artist Jenny Lin in Concert
Jenny Lin, piano
April 13 3:00 pm Viola da braccio
Martine Thomas, viola ∙ TBA, piano
April 27 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Audrey Chen
Audrey Chen, cello ∙ Gabrielle Chou, piano
May 11 3:00 pm From Russia with Love
Pavel Nersessian, piano
May 25 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Sarah Fleiss
Sarah Fleiss, soprano ∙ TBA, piano
June 8 3:00 pm An Afternoon with the Xu-Fellenberg Duo
Alice Chenyang Xu, piano ∙ Miles Fellenberg, piano
June 15 3:00 pm Thomas Weaver in Concert
Thomas Weaver, piano


Date Time Concert
September 7 3:00 pm The Li-Cohen Duo in Concert
Matthew Cohen, viola ∙ Zhenni Li-Cohen, piano
September 21 3:00 pm From Spain with Love
Albert Cano Smit, piano
October 12 3:00 pm An Afternoon with Yunwen Chen
Yunwen Chen, cello ∙ Xiyu Deng, piano
October 26 3:00 pm Nicholas Susi in Concert
Nicholas Susi, piano